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LATISSE® Solution Applicators

LATISSE® Solution is very easy to use and it comes with it’s own applicators. LATISSE® Solution applicators look like small brushes. Enough applicators are included with every monthly supply of LATISSE® Solution that you can use one brush per eye daily. The idea behind using only one brush for only one eye, throwing it away, and then using another brush for the other eye is hygiene. Sometimes you can get an infection in one eye that would never transfer to the other eye unless you introduced something that had contact with the infected eye into the healthy eye.

LATISSE® Solution applicators are easy to use. When you get your LATISSE® Solution you will notice that the substance is in a small squeeze bottle. Squeeze a little bit of your LATISSE® Solution onto the edge of your applicator brush. Close your eyes and guide the brush along the upper lash line of your upper lashes as if you were applying liquid eyeliner. Voila! You are done with the first eye. Throw your brush away and select a new applicator and do it again.

When applying LATISSE® Solution make sure to ONLY apply it to your upper lashes in the way described. Applying LATISSE® Solution too close to your eyeball can cause irritation. Applying LATISSE® Solution to any other part of your body will most likely result in unwanted hair growth.